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20 New WordPress Themes – February 2013

Follow the news WordPress themes is to make sure to stay at the forefront of the subject because things are constantly changing. And evidence, we see in this selection of 20 new WordPress themes for the month of February 2013, themes multilingual responsives themes, themes WooCommerce, but more generally, themes for lawyers, doctors, blogs, news sites … A rich selection of themes for WordPress.

1 – Wise Guys 2013 New WordPress Theme

Begin our selection of new WordPress themesfor the month of February 2013 by Wise Guys, a theme developed in order to make the administration of your site and its design is simpler than ever. Proof of this commitment, the creation interface page that allows you to easily create templates pages, use as you see fit.

Behind this WordPress theme, detail-oriented developers, technologies and features available to users of the WordPress theme. Responsive, this theme offers additional interface creation page, used to customize its appearance thanks to many customization options, shortcode generator, tools for social networking. The best part about all this is that it comes with more plugins like WordPress Pro Revolution and Jackbox Responsive Image Slider or plugins like MailChimp , Tumblr and many others.

2 – Doctor, New WordPress Theme 2013

WordPress theme in the genre specialist Doctor is being a strong theme 300% oriented medical world. At the same time, with a name like this, no wonder. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, or more broadly in the medical field, this theme will make you happy because it was designed for you, giving you convenient features, like displaying your opening hours or a form for you Contact. This WordPress theme is not in this selection if it was not at least responsive and customizable. In addition, this theme makes us happy to be a theme 100% compatible with WPML , the WordPress plugin multilingual . If that does not know more than WordPress SEO is taken seriously with this issue because after all, referencing a WordPress site also goes by the quality of the theme used. The magic of WordPress help, it is always possible to divert the subject’s initial public and do what you want. After all, the bases seem particularly healthy.

3 – Newtone, New WordPress Theme 2013

Newton is a responsive WordPress theme that suits both a project portfolio of a larger project blog. Easy to grip, this theme will offer you to create your home according to your preferences and goals, inserting shortcodes and widgets. This WordPress theme is also over 14 preset styles, over 45 different fund site, dozens of shortcodes, over 200 Google fonts, without speaking part of the gallery, which manages both the video images . Newtone is a versatile WordPress theme that will help you more in terms of SEO, because the designer has to pay special attention. Some widgets from this theme, you can count widgets for Twitter, Flickr, for video, for your portfolios, for your comments … and much more.

4 – Endymion, New WordPress Theme 2013

Endymion, WordPress theme design simple, perfectly find its place when it is a question of putting up a showcase site, optimized for mobile interfaces and retina ready. In the list of features found on the WordPress theme you can put a custom module, as Custom Post Type for the slideshow, menu system supports native methods of WordPress, an interface for creating custom page, a template for portfolio with lightboxe effect on the images. All validated XHTML. Documentation and the test data set will be welcome to anyone who wants to set up his WordPress site quickly.

5 – Nosaa, New WordPress Theme 2013

Nosaa is a professional WordPress theme based on a full page rendering type. Thank you to the jQuery makes this possible on all browsers. Indeed, this WordPress theme has a similar effect on IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Perfect for photographers, this WordPress theme will highlight all your accomplishments pictorial. And if you want your visitors to be accompanied by background music, no problem. This WordPress theme includes an audio player like HTML5.

6 – Pulsar 2013 New WordPress Theme

Continue our theme selection for photographers Pulsar, a full page WordPress theme that will not leave your guests indifferent. Provides three very different versions, this theme is also accompanied by Parallax effect slider manager, what give life to your images no less than 5niveaux different. Responsive, this theme looks especially to keep a peerless user experience, whether you’re on a mobile interface or not, all using HTML5 and CSS3. This theme is also pleased to incorporate templates for page team contact for your services.

7 – Attorneys, New WordPress Theme 2013

In search of the perfect theme for a law firm? Maybe qu’Attorney be your favorite WordPress theme. Why? WordPress theme because it was specially developed for lawyers and other professionals of the Act. The page templates allow you to manage all aspects that require a law firm website as the list of lawyers, or a dedicated page by counsel. We also find templates more common as part blog, or contact page, while still remaining within the spirit of a law firm.

8 – K-Boom, New WordPress Theme 2013

K-Boom is the theme music and specializes in the management of events in our selection of WordPress themes. This theme will be useful whatever your project revolves around whether music, as a reservation site, a site management concert or a musical portfolio type site, or why not a blog. To allow you to easily manage your events, this theme does not reinvent the wheel and is based on the very good plugin Smart Events Manager, ensuring good performance on this side. To complete the picture, it is K-Boom 25 preset styles, 16 different page templates, an integrated audio player, 5 custom widgets and all optimized for SEO.

9 – Freshr, New WordPress Theme 2013

Need fresh air in WordPress themes? This is what seems to believe this theme responsive and built for referencing. Simple and unadorned aesthetic Freshr is a WordPress theme that hides his game, because in addition to being responsive, this theme is accompanied by a lot of customization options, allowing you to transform radically. This type of WordPress theme is what I call a skeleton theme, theme from which it is easy to make a fully customized website for its customers, without reinventing the wheel.

10 – Kallyas, New WordPress Theme 2013

Kallyas WordPress theme is a somewhat unusual. Indeed, just out this theme has been downloaded hundreds of times. Need to be cartomencié to predict a great future for this theme, just know that this topic is anything but coffee. Read a few impressive list of features: Create page, responsive design, Loading content optimized for SEO ready, ready to be multilingual thanks to WPML , management header and endless colors, and comes in dark version clear, an unlimited number of variations to the home page, a portfolio section and … all compatible with WooCommerce. We immediately understand better the reasons for this huge success.

11 – Mantel, New WordPress Theme 2013

Like WooCommerce themes? This is great because Mantel is also a theme for WooCommerce fact. Unlike the previous theme, Mantel plays the card of eCommerce WordPress . use of white is a selection of designers of this WordPress theme to allow your products to express themselves fully, and try to maximize your sales. If we talk about eCommerce theme, then it is natural to focus on the product pages and product categories that are very well done here. This WordPress theme responsive, in addition to being supplied with all the necessary page templates eCommerce, also comes with templates for the blog section, contact your page or your portfolio. Icing on the cake theme to eCommerce also plan a template page more useful, a landing page, what also maximize your adwords campaigns.

12 – LioFolio, New WordPress Theme 2013

LioFolio is a WordPress theme does well to set up a website type portfolio, showcase or content. With many plugins as Layer slider pro, investment is amortized at the end of downloading this theme. Completely responsive, ready to be translated into several languages, this theme will make you happy to install and set up easily.

13 – Black, New WordPress Theme 2013

The parallax effect begins to appear in more and more WordPress themes, to my delight because I think this effect is the revival of the banner, a way to pass a message between the static image and animation, without demanding large programming knowledge. Made in this application you the same no programming knowledge, just follow the guide.

14-907, New WordPress Theme 2013

907 is a WordPress theme that plays on the fact that it has been designed from the 960 Grid model, a model of development for responsives interfaces. In the end, 907 is a theme that will make a difference by taking extreme care that is responsive version neither more nor less than perfect. Looking at the screenshot, you will not be surprised to know that this theme runs Parallax effect, and even those like images full page. But that this screenshot does not tell you is that 907 comes in three very different versions of each other, that 907 offers many customization options, and finally, that this capture screen does not tell you is that only a few days, this topic has risen among the best sellers of the month. 907 is the Ajax from the home page to limit the time of loading, the presence of the files needed to translate, over 640 handwriting fonts at your disposal, three different styles of headers, 5 models pages of your latest work, your sections, galleries full parallax pages, portfolio, part team … This list could easily be extended. If a WordPress theme that manages the parallax effect in full screen it tells you, discover the rest by yourself.

15 – Disillusion, New WordPress Theme 2013

Although I am not sure the name of this WordPress theme is very appropriate, because not very seller, who wants a theme creating disillusionment? Not me anyway 🙂 Notwithstanding any term is a misnomer, Disillusion is a new WordPress theme built on BootStrap, thus offering excellent performance, but also a simple grip for all those wanting to customize, you Whether beginner or advanced WordPress. Disillusion is also two very different variants in a single theme, as well as the presence of several templates to showcase your creations.

16 -! LesPaul, New WordPress Theme 2013

After a name not very commercial, here is another theme name being! LesPaul. Behind the funny name that hides a versatile WordPress theme, modern and elegant. Retina Ready and responsive, mobile users you will take full eyes. The customization possibilities offered by this WordPress theme seem endless as the number is important, but it does not penalize the simplicity of grip. Indeed, a dedicated administrative interface allows you to set the theme. The document provided to you will understand everything without fear of not succeeding. Among the extras note that this theme is optimized for SEO, it will give you access to your dedicated customers, it offers a whole set of custom icons and a demo content is proposed.

17 – Frenzy, 2013 New WordPress Theme

At the risk of repeating myself a can, here is a responsive WordPress theme that fits well with the magazine type sites. Very easy to install thanks to its content of test pages and explanatory Frenzy wants to be the perfect companion for WordPress newbies. Who loves diversity will be happy to learn that WordPress theme supports a large number of ticket format: Audio, Video, Links, Reviews, Galleries, Questionnaire …. not to mention the classic format. Like the questionnaires? Please note that this theme comes with a built-in Quiz function. Perfect for fans of quiz.

18 – Inspire, New WordPress Theme 2013

This beautiful WordPress theme he will bring inspiration in his element? Certainly, as this topic is heavily in your content by providing a place of choice. This WordPress theme can register in several project types, but what suits him best is undoubtedly a site of photographer. With such a page, not a shadow of a doubt.

19 – Proxy, New WordPress Theme 2013

Proxy is a WordPress theme of typeone-page, which means that the major part of your content will be on the root page of your site. For once, we can not say that the home page is not the most important page of your website. To facilitate the handling of this page, this theme will offer you just use a management interface widgets, nothing more simple. Thus, you will be able to integrate what you seem useful on this page and the way you think is the best. No constraint.

20 – FlyingNews, New WordPress Theme 2013

Finish our selection of WordPress theme with a theme that does everything for being noticed. If you reach the end of this article, then take a good look in the screenshot, a funny image is hidden 😉 Aside from that little exhibitionist side, this WordPress theme is also the perfect theme for establish a magazine type site with WordPress. Whether management unlimited colors, precise management of advertising space or can leave an opinion on your content FlyingNews is a full WordPress theme.

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