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20 New WordPress Themes – September 2013

The time of the season has rung must get back to work. Fortunately, we have the pleasure of working every day on a wonderful platform, I called WordPress. I think most readers will agree with this, there are many worse than it trades. When work is synonymous with passion, the return is not so much a challenge. We were lucky, and we grow everyday. To celebrate the month of September 2013, we have prepared a selection of 20 WordPress themes that you have probably never even seen. In our selection of WordPress themes, you will find WordPress templates for bands, for booksellers, or to your agency, WordPress themes for WooCommerce, WordPress refined themes, WordPress templates responsive … and much more, it is said that there is the choice.

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Multilingual WordPress?

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1 – Visia, New WordPress Theme 2013


Begin our selection of the latest in September 2013 WordPress themes by a one-page theme is to highlight your activities, I named Visia. In addition to type one-page, this WordPress theme is responsive and retina ready, will make sure your site is always in the best possible light, regardless of the interface used for your user. The icing on the cake, the designer of this WordPress theme has taken care to optimize the loading time, which is often a challenge with one-page themes, using the technique of Lazy-loading. Perfect to serve as a basis for a corporate site or anyone wishing to highlight their skills and achievement, this theme will make it easier thanks to the many components as a demo database deployable in one click, the ability to cut your photos easily manage your image gallery by clicking / removed or the presence of two completely different home pages.

2 – Maximus, New WordPress Theme 2013


When is WordPress and it is called Maximus theme, it immediately puts the bar very high. And because the world of pro WordPress themes full of great template. Let us see if the name is not usurped. The event will include a database of over 1500 icons, a version of the theme to wide format, the other more boxed format a WordPress 100% responsive and Retina Ready theme, and all you future by facilitating translation your WordPress site. Side personalization, this WordPress theme provides us with a simple and powerful administration interface, allowing you to choose your typeface, colors that you will use or interface to click page creation / filed .

3 – Soho, New WordPress Theme 2013


Soho Hotel is a WordPress theme sober and luxurious, made ​​for hotels, but also for all those who need to set up a website requiring reservations. An integrated management system reservations accompanied this WordPress theme, allowing you to add rooms, manage new bookings, manage transactional emails part, but also set the service itself. The payment part is about to be managed through PayPal. Feel free to add other payment methods through plugins, that’s also the magic of WordPress. From a technical point of view, this theme comes together. Po files and. Mo you will facilitate the translation of your WordPress site, but also 19 PSDs, one dedicated to the stories and events interface, and c ‘ is a responsive WordPress theme.

4 – Doctype, New WordPress Theme 2013


DocType is the WordPress theme is perfect for anyone looking for a minimalist WordPress template, designed to be a portfolio. Perfect for all creative agencies, the flat design and great attention to detail of this theme will be seduced. This WordPress theme opts for performance based on a framework of house programming done to minimize latencies. Always listen to the people with this WordPress theme, the developer often incorporates in his new job. To be continued.

5 – Metrika, New WordPress Theme 2013


Before going any further, know that the WordPress screen above and only one of the two versions that will be proposed theme capture. Indeed, there is a second version, but this time, without the clutter. See for yourself what the version you prefer. WordPress one-page theme type, theme will be perfect for you to use modern portfolio, easy to use, and fast loading. All supported by HTML5 and CSS3 animations for all keys, which are many. We appreciate that, to ensure as good a use of PC and Mac, see Linux. In addition to being cross-platform, this theme is responsive, so you never have to ask the question whether such a resolution for your site is transformed or not. Based on Twitter Bootstrap, you are assured that your WordPress theme uses one of the best libraries jQuery market.

6 – Cartel, New WordPress Theme 2013


Rest assured, paragraph issue Medellín cartel, but a simple and effective WordPress theme, especially if you’re looking for a WordPress theme easy to use and customize. Designed to serve both as a portfolio that support a CMS site as a content site, news or why not an e-commerce site, the design of this theme is so well thought out that it knows how to discreet and to serve your purpose. The possibilities for customizing this theme are rather impressive, and you can even count on a shortcode wizard which allows you to use the full range of WordPress shortcode that offers this WordPress template.

7 – The7, New WordPress Theme 2013


For the 7th WordPress theme from our selection, let me tell you The7. This is quite handy right? 🙂 For the reasons that pushed the development team behind this theme to call it that, I do not have a clue, because after all, they are more than thirty WordPress themes. Needless to say they have experience. We therefore find that in the responsive WordPress theme, retina ready interface, and all fast. In terms of customization, you can choose between four types of different header, 6 different graphic variations, over 600 fonts writing to you, as well as the ability to choose your background, as well as all the colors to use.

8 – Dimension, New WordPress Theme 2013

08-dimensional best-wordpress-theme-2013

WordPress Themes by general definition, Dimension will be an asset to your website design. Its qualities are many, the support of his version mutlilingue responsives capicités through an interface page design advances, this WordPress theme is more complete. Note also that this WordPress theme includes everything you need for WordPress SEO, but will be displayed perfectly on the retina display.

9 – Swatch New WordPress Theme 2013


Based on Bootstrap, this WordPress theme offers us a responsive interface of very good quality. If in addition to the flat design you like, then Swatch is a WordPress theme to look closely. And if you are looking for a theme that supports multilingual WPML, then this WordPress theme is a must. This WordPress theme is called Swatch not because it is made to sell watches, but because it allows you to control the colors of your site like never before, the menu, the footer through the header, the content of pages or through shortcodes. Speaking of shortcodes, know that this WordPress theme is accompanied by many shortcodes that allow you to customize the subject in great detail.

10 – Underground, New WordPress Theme 2013


Underground is a very modern theme, with a very large sobriétés associated with an extremely modern, thanks to this beautiful slider on the home page. Of course, this WordPress theme is responsive but the little extra is that you can choose whether or not it should be activated. Beyond these benefits, Underground is a WordPress one-page, but also a multi-theme theme, you choose what you like best. Underground is a WordPress theme that will also appeal to many agencies or anyone looking for a theme that can be used without problem for many WordPress projects. The menu of pleasures, it may be noted that this theme is designed with HTML5 and CSS3, is designed to allow you to internationalize with ease, and is more compatible with WooCommerce. Regarding customizing the WordPress theme, we will find the support of hundreds of entries police, more than 100 shortcodes and a shortcode generator.

11 – Ronika, New WordPress Theme 2013


There is a high chance that the themes as Ronika will become increasingly common. But what is so special Ronika? WordPress is a one-page or multi-page theme to suit you in time. Apart from this very interesting, and that we will find more and more often in other WordPress themes feature Ronika is a theme to the design and the grip of the most modern. The excellent management transparency for the top menu will allow us to understand immediately that this theme is rooted in his time.

12 – Ventus New WordPress Theme 2013


Just released, a version 1.5 already exists, this is the WordPress theme that closely follows the demands of its users. Take a look at the comments left by users to finally convince you once. Thus, Ventus is a theme that can be used in all types of projects, even e-commerce projects with the support of WooCoomerce. Looking in detail what gives us this WordPress theme, we will find a responsive theme, the ability to create pages with a drag and drop interface, the endless choice of color, or an excellent administration interface, and the ability to finely and easily manage its shortcodes.

13 – Blitz, New WordPress Theme 2013


WordPress theme to all Blitz equally suited for creating a showcase site, a business site, a portfolio, a personal website and why not a blog. 100% responsive, this WordPress theme will suit both beginners as agencies. Agencies will enjoy finding the entire theme with PSDs files, and beginners will find them fun demo file to load into your WordPress interface to better understand how this WordPress theme works. Cut to be translated, this WordPress theme also includes more than 45 shortcodes, comes accompanied by an administration interface, five different sliders, four custom widgets, and all accompanied by beautiful icons from the FontAwesome.

14 – Astra, New WordPress Theme 2013


WordPress theme with Astra, your site will stand at the web star sites. With a simplified installation and demo content that load in one click, no doubt, this WordPress template is aimed at both beginners and professionals WordPress. The composer of pages allow you to create your pages with the click submit, what to WordPress pages in a few seconds. Those of you who would look for a Multilingual WordPress theme, the theme is 100% compatible with

[/su_box] In addition, this WordPress template is Retina Ready and responsive, will ensure that your future business site, showcase site, blog or website marketing is clearly visible on all screens of your visitors.

15 – IronBand, New WordPress Theme 2013


IronBand is a WordPress theme dedicated to music, and above all groups wishing to have a quality website for you to find and communicate with your fans. In this HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme, we find a set of functions dedicated to musicians such as the presence of an MP3 player in HTML5, space for your photos and videos, or manage your events and reservations. When I tell you that this WordPress theme has been designed 100% for musicians and music lovers. Namely, this issue existed before, but not compatible with WordPress. Given its success, the creator of this theme has decided to make it 100% compatible with WordPress.

16 – Lumen, New WordPress Theme 2013


WordPress minimum and highly creative nature theme, Lumen will highlight your work with a layout of the most creative and original. Easy to customize, you can choose from over 12 different themes available to you, or use the ones you wish.

17 – Sweet Cake, New WordPress Theme 2013


Like WordPress type one-page themes? Sweet cake will satisfy you with its unique layout, and the presence of HTML5 and CSS3 to animate the whole. The design of this WordPress template is perfect for both pastries for glaciers or restaurants. As a bonus, this WordPress theme comes with a series of icons specially made to match your new website. Of course, this WordPress theme propose to bend to your every desires to become your WordPress theme with its advanced customization capabilities. Thought on a model 1200 pixels, and 12 columns, WordPress template has been developed to fit all screens of your visitors.

18 – Limitless, New WordPress Theme 2013


The greatest strength of this WordPress theme is the composer of pages click submit. Whether you are a beginner or an expert with WordPress, you’ll appreciate this feature that will save you a lot of time in creating your site. Better, the whole theme is customizable thanks to click file, even the header of your site, which is quite rare in the worlds of WordPress themes. Theme responsive, you will have access to no less than 12 different portfolios, 7 layouts possible, and a set of data to help you quickly understand how this WordPress theme works.

19 – Bookish, New WordPress Theme 2013


After presenting a group dedicated to WordPress theme music, here’s a WordPress theme for booksellers, writers, or any lover of paper books, or digital. With its one-page responsive design type, the ability to choose between rendering light or dark, an endless choice of colors, the use of writing google fonts, or use jQuery for all effects site and your visitors will be impressed by the simple and efficient rendering of the WordPress template.

20 – Flatsome, New WordPress Theme 2013


With the emergence of the Windows8 Metro interface, and the output IOS7, no doubt, the responsive design is the latest trend in the world of graphic design. It must be said, it’s nice to see visually lighter, and easier to use touch mode interfaces. You’ll understand FlatSome is a WordPress template using the flat design, all in a setting responsive and Retina ready. But the real strength of this theme is to provide you support WooCommerce, will open your online store with WordPress theme of the profesionals.

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