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20 New Themes WordPress Pro – September 2012

New themes, I like it. We always find new nuggets that have not yet been downloaded thousands of times. This is also an opportunity to discover a preview of the best WordPress themes in the future. You’ll see our selection of new WordPress themes is broad theme CV theme e-commerce themes through portfolios, everything is there. blah blah blah

1 – StartUp, New WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, this WordPress theme has been designed for startups. But basically, what does that mean, a WordPress theme designed for startups? That means it is a professional theme aesthetics, including page templates are designed to meet your needs as page templates on your creations for iPhone, iPad, Web, software …. or physical product. In addition, presentation pages dedicated to your team, and your jobs. Of course, the blog part is particularly emphasized Advent and more, this theme is accompanied by WordPress page expectations.

2 – Origami, New WordPress Theme

WordPress theme responsive, Origami is minimalist style. With this theme, the focus is on clean aesthetics and ease of customization. Support for 8 different templates, unlimited color, over 500 handwriting fonts, this WordPress theme will be the foundation for your web projects.

3 – Ambleside, New WordPress Theme

The menu of this WordPress theme is more original dice, but the quality of this theme does not stop there. Base available in no less than nine languages, WordPress theme was created to build a business website in three clicks.

4 – Overlay, New WordPress Theme

I love the CV type themes for WordPress, not that I need, but I think they are all trying to differentiate themselves from each other, while maintaining the same constraint, minimalism.

5 – Glade, New WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is really at the forefront of what is happening in aesthetics and ergonomics. Here, colorful interface, adapts and dynamically loads the content, I love it. Of course, the effect has been validated on all web browsers on the market, is compatible with latest WordPress versions and is easy to grip.

6 – Empress, New WordPress Theme

To discover a new environmental theme e-commerce WordPress ? Empress is a WooCommerce theme very simple, with meticulous details, that will be perfect to sell all types of goods or services on the web. It is nice to see that the party does not blog much was set aside.

7 – Clearspace 2, New WordPress Theme

The purpose of this WordPress theme? Be a support for those who wish to implement a business site, view content in general. With a slider homepage rather convincing, there is no doubt that this WordPress theme will find its audience.

8 – Mediabook, New WordPress Theme

Mediabook is a WordPress theme that focuses on photography by offering a single page to display all your works. For those who do not love the layout page, no problem, simply make the change in a blog successful. Anyway, we appreciate the original navigation menu when we’re in full screen mode.

9 – Responsive Touch & BootStrap, New WordPress Theme

Like the WordPress themes that dazzle with a layout thumbnail format? Responsive touch will fully satisfy you. In addition, this theme is responsive.

10 – PatternPlay, New WordPress Theme

PatternPlay WordPress theme is both comprehensive and very modern. WordPress theme as previous question here to view all of your content in the form of thumbnail on the home page. But the big difference lies in its ability to adapt to your web project, whether making a showcase site for a web agency, or the creation of an effective blog.

11 – PhotoStorm, New WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme raises the bar on the number of templates supported as well as on the number of tickets formats. I leave you alone judge, archive page, page authors biography page, blog page, contact page, portfolio page … and so on, as well as 9 formats tickets, the link to the video via tickets.

12 – All Purpose MetroStyle Reponsive, New WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme will be a hit because it provides a rarely seen design, where everything is square, with an impressive menu and very colorful. Do not forget to talk about this menu present in the bar side, which will always be to your visitors.

13 – Optiss, New WordPress Theme

Thought for WordPress SEO , but not that this WordPress theme you will fill their eyes with this great slider format, that will fit all screens.

14 – SPA Treats, New WordPress Theme

A theme that aims to be your support that you want to set up a WordPress site for a spa or restaurant, it’s worth it to dwell on two minutes right? This theme allows you to set up a reservation interface, presentation of the company, the location of the SPA or restaurant. In short, everything you need and more for you I said, this topic is available in 5 languages.

15 – Incredible, New WordPress Theme

In the family minimalist portfolio WordPress theme, I ask Incredible. In addition, this theme comes with Slider plugin responsive revolution is already something gained 😉

16 – Hermes, New WordPress Theme

Although we do not here speak of the luxury brand, it is found that this theme plays in the course of the great WordPress theme to become topics such as e-commerce for WordPress. Comptabible JigoShop and bbPress, what you create shop e-commerce quality, with the support that goes without saying.

17 – Medical Plus New WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme for the medical world, here that is not current. In order to comply to the best needs can have health workers such as clinics, hospitals or pharmacies, this topic has focused on stylish design. We find this theme in page templates for your team, some frequently asked questions, part portfolio and part news. In addition, this theme is designed to be easily translated, and the ranking of your site goes as smoothly as possible.

18 – Practical, New WordPress Theme

WordPress theme portfolio style, originality Practical tent with a homepage that gives us a sense of minimalist site, although the page is given. With an easily customizable home page, portfolios that scroll from left to right, some witness or some blog worthy of a blog dedicated WordPress theme that will be a real chameleon for you.

19 – Square, New WordPress Theme

Themes highlighting your content in the form of vignettes are more numerous. And for good reason, when trying to make a website design agency, what better than to propose that your visitors interested from the first second? Here, the creator of the theme decided to push it a little further thinking also blog in the form of vigentte.

20 – Yamidoo, New WordPress Theme

Conclude this selection of 20 new WordPress themes for the month of September with a theme made for those with a lot of content spread across many categories, is a magazine type site par excellence. Yamidoo is part of this family. The strength of this WordPress theme is very little to be graphically marked, giving the same great customization ability.

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