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20 January 2014 New WordPress Themes

That’s it, we’re in 2014. Then promptly discover the latest in the world of WordPress themes for 2014. The menu of the selected WordPress themes, there is something for all tastes. Responsive WordPress themes galore, WordPress templates for WooCommerce eCommerce, but also refined themes, themes 100% oriented blogging, not to mention WordPress themes designed for those wanting to set up news sites with great content . Whatever your needs, there is a good chance that you will find your happiness from our selection of 20 new themes for WordPress January 2014. You already have a WordPress and want to know the site? Do not waste a second and enter it in our directory of WordPress websites .

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

01 – Fixy, WordPress Theme 2014

Fixy 01-wordpress-theme-2014

Begin our selection of WordPress themes for January 2014 Fixy a WordPress theme designed in order to offer a user experience similar to Ghost . Ghost is the new blogging platform that is simple to use and most importantly, allowing your users to focus on the essentials, your content. Conceived by a couple of WordPress, it does not have to wait long for the WordPress community is based on this platform, while allowing you to stay on your WordPress environment. Simple and sexy are the hallmarks of this WordPress theme. In addition to offering a user-friendly interface, this WordPress theme allows you to publish any type of format as it supports ticket tickets audios, videos, image galleries, single images, tickets statutes, but also cats tickets link and of course, the standard ticket types. In addition, this theme is perfect for customizing with the ability to choose your colors, but also the fonts that you want by using Google Fonts, Typekit for fonts and Adobe writings Web. Most of this theme is support for Google Analytics, inserting widgets sharing for social networks, inserting vote your own logo and favicon.

02 – Sidious, WordPress Theme 2014


There are themes like that, which you offers tons. Sidious is part of this category in providing you with no less than four premium plugins. So you can count on the presence of Visual Composer, Slider Revolution LayerSlider and Metro Visu al Builder. A saving of $ 72, not to mention that these plugins are what is best in their category. Visual Composer, you can create complex layouts, just with your mouse, without knowing anything about developing. Slider Revolution and LayerSlider are two plugins that allow you to create sliders great qualities. But that’s not all, this theme will fit most of the situations by providing support bbPress and WooCommerce. The first will allow you to set up forums on your WordPress site then the second will allow you to create a true eCommerce shop, which has nothing to envy to the largest eCommerce solutions such as Magento. Optimized for your SEO as well as multilingual thanks to WPML , this theme is more complete. In addition to providing support for WPML , this WordPress theme is provided in English, German and Russian.

03 – Solaris WordPress Theme 2014


Solaris is a WordPress theme designed to satisfy those of us in search of a theme magazine type a theme to display news or a theme for your blog. And it shows with a layout without fault, that you can display a maximum of items, without coming overwhelm your visitors. In addition to the opportunity to put forward four articles, we note the presence of a top bar which allows you to scroll through your news latest news, like strings. If you have great content and you often update your WordPress site, then no doubt, Solaris is for you. In addition to this layout flawless, you’ll be pleased to learn that even your users coming from a smartphone or tablet will have the same benefits, since it is responsive WordPress theme. It will be appreciated that the subject remains sober colors he uses. This will keep you light, even if you have great content.

04 – 123Medecine, WordPress Theme 2014

123medecine 04-wordpress-theme-2014

More site to sell drugs, drugstore, or websites selling organic products are emerging. 123Medecine is the theme that has been designed in this objective, while allowing you to enjoy the ease use WordPress. Based on WooCommerce eCommerce for the part, you will be sure to have access to one of the best eCommerce plugin available on WordPress, allowing you to offer your customers a retail space up to their expectations. Product pages well done, category pages highlighting your products, but also a tunnel efficient sale. The client area is no exception. If your goal is to target a maximum of customer, know that this theme is fully compatible with WPML . And when we know that WooCommerce and WPML are ideal for selling multilingual companions, you will put all the chances on your side to maximize your sales.

05 – Whisper WordPress Theme 2014


Whisper is a WordPress theme that attempts to make responsive high quality. How? Through the use of LESS programming framework. This framework offers all users an interface entirely in CSS3 and HTML5, to make responsive high accuracy. This theme is one that will fit all of your ideas, thanks to a simple and elegant design, all easily customizable, whether you’re a WordPress developer or not. Thus, you can transform this WordPress theme to make it a showcase site, a corporate website, a blog, or make the ultimate weapon to present your portfolios. The promise of this theme allow you to create a complete website in less than ten minutes. This is made possible thanks to the administration interface allows you to choose the format of your pages, but also through a system shortcode generator.

Part WordPress SEO is not left with a full support for WordPress SEO optimization.

06 – Portal WordPress Theme 2014


Portal is a full theme page, it means, as you can see from the screenshot, your picture will be displayed in full screen on the home page. And here it is not a simple image, but a slider supporting the parallax effect, what animate your slider as simply the world. And if many parallax slider do not support mobile media, here it is not the case. Indeed, the parallax effect is also visible on the iPad and iPhone interfaces such. Your mobile visitors will be glad we did not feel like being the third wheel. In addition to providing us homepage of high quality, this theme is accompanied by no less than 35 different templates. Yes, 35 of which allow you to let your creativity run wild, and to distinguish you from other users of the WordPress theme. And that’s not all, this WordPress theme is also 6 variations portfolios, styles and 8 pages for your blog. With this WordPress theme you’re a photographer, agency or studio, you will have plenty to do.

07 – Crush, WordPress Theme 2014


Perfect for setting up a WordPress site type portfolio, this WordPress theme will offer an exhibition space built for your needs. Responsive to allow your visitors from mobile interface, you will have in your possession a WordPress site that will be your main asset to your future customers are able to form an opinion on the quality of your achievements. The menu features to highlight, this WordPress theme will allow you to customizing live. Thus, any changes you make will be directly visible to your visitors. Side portfolio, you will be able to create as many pages as you like and implement portfolios filterable. Fonts are not left with the support of not less than 650 Google fonts Fonts characters.

08 – Velocity, WordPress Theme 2014


This WordPress theme was not developed by anyone. Indeed, behind this WordPress theme one of the best cover designers theme. And it shows as soon as one looks at features of this WordPress theme. Header always visible, ability to create a parallax slider type or insert a video, all elements will always perfectly calibrated to come and take the whole width of the screen of your visitors. And even the smaller screens will be at the party thanks to responsive design. Indeed, BootStrap behind this theme, quality guarantee. Even the most novice users to feel comfortable with is the theme administration interface has been designed for them. Want to make your site multilingual site? No problem thanks to the full support of WPML , best multilingual plugin for WordPress (it’s not for nothing that we use when we need to do a multilingual WordPress site).

09 – Tempest, WordPress Theme 2014


You would like to impress your visitors, from the home page? Then no doubt, you must find Tempest. As you can see on the home page, you will be able to take an image of your entire screen users. In addition, notice the position of the original menu. What not to let your visitors marble. To discover your content, simply go down on the page, you will be able to see view all the content you want. While this theme can be used by photographers, are primary purpose is to be used for anyone wanting to create an online magazine for the stylish and luxurious effect. You prefer a different layout for your home page? No worries, you can simply choose from one of six layouts that are available. Better, you will be able to design the page that corresponds to 100% due to its construction module page. Personalization side, we have to tell you, this is limitless thanks to the page builder. But that’s not all, colors can also be customized according to your needs.

10 – Alia WordPress Theme 2014


Simplicity and elegance are at the service of your web site with this WordPress theme. The flat design and more modern strengthen this theme especially designed for web agencies who want to design a simple web site quickly and. Level layout, we find a set of pages as impressive 4 different shapes to put in the blog, two formats contact page as well as four types of portfolios. Responsive and Retina Ready, this theme will be a pleasure for all your users from mobile devices. And support touch interface is not left with a system lightboxe and carousel supporting touch navigation. Note also the presence of a menu that is always visible to your users, being always present at the top, regardless of where they are. Side layout, you will be able to choose between taking a theme across the screen of the user, or limited to a maximum width.

11 – Munditia, WordPress Theme 2014


This WordPress theme is a theme supporting WooCommerce eCommerce to allow you to sell any type of product, whether in the world of ready-to-wear, electronics world or whatever you like. In addition, this theme is responsive to allow you to create a eCommerce site that will be accessible by all users, whether mobile or not. When you know that over 50% of sales on a eCommerce site should be from a mobile interface, we say that it does not hurt to take a little advance in this field. ECommerce side, there are many interesting features like a particularly effective product zoom or a wishlist. And that’s not all, we also noted that the favicon of the site will change depending on the number of items in the cart, and that’s really well thought out. And if you want your eCommerce site becomes a multilingual site, no problem, simply install the plugin WPML .

12 – Alibaba, WordPress Theme 2014


You want to turn your WordPress site into a real cave Alibaba creating an eCommerce site, or marketplace. Then this WordPress theme is for you. Alibaba is a WordPress theme using the WooCommerce plugin to allow you to manage your eCommerce site. The first effect that gives this WordPress template is a net effect, flawless, great place to surf. The first effect is important when we know that a user said means is a review site that does not know in 30 seconds. If the first effect is negative, he left without returning in the future. Much care immediately he arrived. As such, we also appreciate the slider to the parallax and can contact you easily through a mail icon that follows the user throughout his visit effect. This may seem like a minor detail, but all the details have their importance because they are the ones who make the difference. And in the field of customer reinsurance that can easily contact the website is an important issue. We also appreciate the many effects offered by this WordPress template that provides a dynamic side to come together without encroaching on a whole. The display of products in the categories are clear, and even offers to display a second image of the product overview of the latter. Perfect to show the product from different angles. We also love the feature quickshop, which loads the product in a lightboxe, giving your visitors the ability to view the product without leaving the category page product. This WordPress eCommerce theme offer a solution weight, even in the face of 100% eCommerce CMS like Magento, without the resulting complexity of implementation.

13 – Camilla, WordPress Theme 2014


What better than a full page when theme is a photographer and we wish to highlight his works. This is why this WordPress theme allows you to welcome your visitors with stunning images in full screen. And that, whatever their interfaces since this theme is responsive. This is really significant because it is not uncommon, during the exchange of business cards, a person immediately provide themselves with a smartphone to access your site. Camilla, you’re sure to have a good result, especially without worrying administered separately in your administration interface. In addition to this picture full screen on the home page is a gallery automatic scrolling expect your users. Better if you click on the right tab, it will even have access to your topics. The latter are present in the form of photographic vignette. We always stay in the world of WordPress theme made for photographers. On image galleries, we are not left since it will be possible to display in full screen mode, which will offer a seamless immersion in your work. It will be appreciated that this WordPress theme is erased to make room for your work. And this is even more true with the menu that was selected. Indeed, it plays on a transparency effect to keep it always visible, without coming encroach on your photographs. With this WordPress theme, it is your photographs that will set the tone of your entire site, not the theme.

14 – leafage, WordPress Theme 2014


When is an agency, themes onepage should be considered carefully, as the WordPress theme leafage. Indeed, these themes offer several advantages. The first is to allow your prospective customers to understand what your business without ever leaving the home page. Simple browsing on the home page, they will be able to know what you offer, you work with the projects you have undertaken, but also know your team and even have a timeline of the existence of your business . By browsing on the main page of this WordPress theme emerges a professional atmosphere, enhanced by numerous effects that will offer the visitors a very significant dynamic. But who says one-page theme is also love the presentation of the menu on the home page. In fact, when you arrive on this page, the menu is at the bottom, providing plenty of room for your slider. This will allow you to send a clear and direct message to your prospective customers, without the latter being polluted by the menu. In fact, we always read a page from top to bottom, and the first thing your potential customers will see will be the message that you would offer their reading. Once the slider past the menu comes naturally repositioned in height. This will allow your users to not feel too disoriented, he would not want you desserve originality either. In a word, a professional theme for professionals.

15 – Marketify, WordPress Theme 2014


Sell ​​digital products such as icons, photos or fonts can often meet the challenge with eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce. After all, if your goal is to set up a virtual marketplace products, why out the big guns? That is why the designer of this WordPress theme is the choice of the plugin Easy Digital Download, a plugin designed to offer all the benefits of eCommerce, simplified the exclusive sale of said virtual products. Although this issue does not officially support WPML , know that it will be possible to easily install to give you all the advantages of a multilingual shop because the designer of this WordPress theme has everything to make a simple solution to work. Responsive to offer ease of use without any fault customers, Marketify differs by product pages designed to sell virtual products, and even audio and video! Side customization, administration interface thoughtful allow you to convert this theme to make your eCommerce store, which will be like no other.

16 – Haven WordPress Theme 2014


We told you earlier, one page WordPress themes are particularly well suited to agencies wishing to offer their prospective customers a comprehensive view of their business by staying on the same page. Haven is part of the WordPress themes that combines the advantages of one page website to a modern and eye-catching design, while being responsive. Thus, from the home page of your site, your future customers will be able to know everything about your business. Most of this theme is the blog part is in a separate part of the home page. This is a real plus to maximize your SEO.

17 – Portal WordPress Theme 2014


Portal is a full theme page, it means, as you can see from the screenshot, your picture will be displayed in full screen on the home page. And here it is not a simple image, but a slider supporting the parallax effect, what animate your slider in the simplest world. And if many parallax slider do not support mobile media, here it is not the case. Indeed, the parallax effect is also visible on the iPad and iPhone interfaces such. Your mobile visitors will be glad we did not feel like being the third wheel. In addition to providing us homepage of high quality, this theme is accompanied by no less than 35 different templates. Yes, 35 of which allow you to let your creativity run wild, and to distinguish you from other users of the WordPress theme. And that’s not all, this WordPress theme is also 6 variations portfolios, styles and 8 pages for your blog. With this WordPress theme you’re a photographer, agency or studio, you will have plenty to do.

18 – Divi, WordPress Theme 2014


Divi is proposed by Elegant themes, a specialist in creating WordPress theme new theme. The purpose of this WordPress template is to provide such a flexible theme, it will be possible to use it in the context of all of your web projects. That is nice when one is specialized in creating WordPress site using premium WordPress theme. Divi is a simple theme that combines a page builder evolved, over 18 preset styles, all at of responsive design well thought out to provide comfort to enjoy browsing all users of this theme, and whatever interface they use. In addition, this WordPress theme is accompanied by a series of modules as a module testimony, a slider module or even a shop module. Divi will quickly become a staple of your box WordPress tools.

19 – Modesta, WordPress Theme 2014


Modesta is a WordPress theme that is aptly named as it is to offer a modest interface. Mean by small, sleek style that does not play the card of one-upmanship. As you can see from the screenshot, this WordPress theme reserve some surprises displaying a menu on the left, and a sense of completely horizontal reading. Thus, this WordPress template is clearly designed for those looking for is a pure theme bloging. In its responsive version, the left menu is replaced by a set menu in the header, much more convenient for the interfaces closer to the screen width. You’ll understand Modesta is a blog minimalist design, then do not bother to do tons to talk about it 😉

20 – Renad, WordPress Theme 2014


Conclude our selection of WordPress themes with a theme more complete and modern design. Indeed, Renad is a WordPress template that will fit in property uses, starting with a news site, or a site photographer, through a showcase site. Cut to allow you to highlight a maximum content, WordPress template will offer on the home page, an image slider to showcase your latest products, or the best, followed by a smaller space display thumbnails of your articles in threes. Note that a space to display your videos has also been thought. And that’s not all, display a class ticket, put forward your popular articles, most commented or most recent passing from a space which you wish to display your latest tweets. A complete theme for WordPress websites complete.

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