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20 New WordPress plugins Pro – January 2013

Begin this year 2013 looking at what is new on the side of WordPress plugins. The least we can say is that we are not disappointed, there are WordPress plugins for every taste, and most importantly, there are WordPress plugins truly original as a plugin for creating Meme, plugins WordPress e-Commerce , WordPress plugins sharing, WordPress plugins to manage your mailing list, and much more. starts 2013 with a bang on with this selection of new plugins WordPress. You also discovered new WordPress plugins in 2013 that you want to share with us? Use the comments, the more we use CommentLuv. On that note, enjoy reading this selection of new plugins WordPress Pro 2013.

1 – WP Easy Social Hover, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Easy WP Social Hover is a WordPress plugin that offers integrated links to your social networks with a single click. Most of this plugin is to open a large number of rollover of the mouse, all without using Flash. But beware, we’re not talking about adding a systray side navigation. This WordPress plugin allows you to manage shared a link directly to the overview image. When the mouse rollover the item you want to share, displays icons largest social networks to allow sharing childish.

2 – Availability JigoShop Custom, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Inventory management is a key element for success with its e-commerce site, whether or not WordPress. If you have the habit of using WordPress eCommerce plugins like JigoShop, you know it uses a system of internal stock management. But here, the system only indicates that the stock has reached exhaustion when this is the case. But how do you tell your visitors that you will soon restock this product, or simply a message about the availability of this product? Using the plugin Custome Availability. A small plugin that will render great service to all e-tailers WordPress.

3 – Meme Generator 2013 New WordPress Plugin

The meme, you know? No, there are no typos. Simply put, it is for example of pictures with funny messages. Rather than words, here are some examples:

Futurama Fry - Does not one simply use the same one right memegenerator

Y U No - YOU! y u no stop reading and get back to same work

What If I Told You Meme - WHAT IF THERE'S YOU TOLD i A MAN IN MY GLASSES. Well, I think now you have understood the thing, it turns an image with text. There are entire websites for this sort of thing. Better, there are even sites that allow you to generate. But how to offer the same types of features on your WordPress site? Using Meme Generator plugin. With this plugin, you can easily create visitors Memes new to share with all the community.

4 – Licensing System WordPress, WordPress Plugin New in 2013

One of the best way to ensure that you develop WordPress plugins that are not exchanged between users is to use a licensing system. WP Licensing System is a plugin that will transform your administration interface in real license manager, allowing you to deploy your applications in a few clicks. This plugin also allows you to finely manage your licenses by editing or banning certain licenses or IP addresses.

5 – YouTube Video for Responsive WooCommerce, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Need to increase sales on your site WooCommerce e-commerce? And if you use videos? Youtube video tab is as its name suggests, a WordPress plugin that allows you to add YouTube videos on your product pages WooCommerce.

6 – TabGarb Pro 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Tabs, this is one of the best way to insert a large number of content in a minimum of space. This WordPress plugin offers you have at your disposal a variety of tabs to use at your convenience on your WordPress site.

7 – Easy MailChimp Sync, New WordPress Plugin 2013

We often use MailChimp, and I am always happy to find a plugin that emphasizes this very good platform emailing. The plugin offers of the day to keep your MailChimp lists synced with your WordPress database users.

8 – Social Polling WordPress, WordPress Plugin New in 2013

Like setting up votes on your WordPress site? Then there is a good chance that you know the excellent plugin WordPress Plugin Easy Polling . But here, this plugin lacks in social networks. It is in this context that this plugin was developed further, which will be added sharing features, but also the possibility of using his Facebook account to participate in your votes or surveys.

9 – Roo Classifieds, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Looking manager targeted advertising on your site? Check out this WordPress plugin.

10 – Purchase Envato Code Verifier for bbPress, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Envato with ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and a whole galaxy of sites, has become a major player for all WordPress developers wishing to easily monetize their work. And if you’re a good developer, you’ll want to provide support to your customers Envato on your own site preference. As you are a developer WordPress, you probably have a website … in WordPress. To manage customer requests, using a forum can save you valuable hours. But here, this method will raise an issue over time, how to ensure that those who ask for help are many buyers shop Envato? Envato Purchase Code Verifier for bbPress will meet this need allowing you do your open forum to members only from paying at Envato.

11 – Plug’n Pay for Jigoshop, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You are Plug’n Pay customer and want to use with your e-Commerce plugin Jigoshop? Do not wait, this plugin is for you.

12 – Tag Podium, New WordPress Plugin 2013

View most popular tags used on your WordPress site is a necessity if you use them. But the display simply is éculer. This WordPress plugin offers you to view your tags in a way that you will never seen before.

13 – SharePlus, New WordPress Plugin 2013

SahrePlus is a WordPress plugin that offers you to get all the icons to share social networks in a modal window the most beautiful effect. Speaking of effects, five themes are proposed, which find the one that suits you.

14 – AllSlider, New WordPress Plugin 2013

AllSlider is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create image galleries with a carousel effect, all responsive course. Easy to use, you can add as many galleries as you want just by using a shortcode to get anywhere on your WordPress site. In addition to creating an image gallery carousel format, this plugin also allows you to create galleries of videos, galleries tickets WordPress and more.

15 – Simple Contact Slider WordPress Plugin New in 2013

Contact Simple Slider is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a contact form on every page of your WordPress site. Easy to grip and easily customizable, this plugin will allow you to retrieve a large number of contacts, and never spam!

16 – Multi-X Bar, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Multi-Bar X is a plugin that aims to replace the standard management menu, a solution much more powerful and flexible. This WordPress plugin will simply transcend the possibilities offered by native WordPress and you can eg insert directly into your plugins menu, or add a lot of functionality.

17 – Rest Showcase for WordPress, WordPress Plugin New in 2013

Rest is a WordPress plugin that greatly JavaScript, offering you the opportunity to create portfolios, whatever your field but whatever elements you’ll want to present. After all, can not be represented in the form of image. Why these offers rest to highlight your images, but also your social networks, your team, your USP or a price list.

18 – WP League fixture, New WordPress Plugin 2013

What is good about it is a list of new plugins in WordPress is that you come across nuggets. Here I will delight lovers of football you talking about a WordPress plugin that is intended to be used by those following a season of football, or whatever sport, amateur or professional.

19 – Real-Time Online Users, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

We sometimes feel a little lonely as you surf the web. After all, here we are alone with our screen content by reading it, and there was documenting. A way as old as the web that your visitors feel a little less alone is to indicate the number of people connected in real time. Do not we say that it is in the old pots that makes the best soup?

20 – Weather Widget 3, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Finish our selection of new pro plugins for WordPress in 2013 with a touch of sun. Weateher Widget is a plugin that will give the weather in a specific location, and providing weather forecasts for 4 days. If your internet business is related to weather or it will, no doubt, this plugin will be your sun in 2013.

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