20 New WordPress Plugins – October 2013

Like discovering new WordPress plugins? While our selection of 20 new WordPress plugins for the month of October 2013 should make you happy. In our selection of WordPress plugins, you will find the best plugins that come out, or even more amazing. In our selection you will find WooCommerce plugins, plugins to manage your WordPress menus, plugins to manage your image galleries and plenty of other WordPress plugins. If you also know of a WordPress plugin that comes out and that should be in our selection, use the comments. In addition, we use CommentLuv. Thus, a comment is a link to your site won 😉

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01 – T-Shirt Designer, WordPress Plugin 2013

01-new-plugin-wordpress-2013-Tshirt-Designer --- WordPress_ca

Begin our new selection of WordPress plugins for the month of October 2013 by a plugin that is most impressive. If you are a user of WP eCommerce plugin that you will highly interest you. If you do not use this plugin might make you change your mind. But who is this WordPress WP eCommerce plugin? This WordPress plugin WP eCommerce is for anyone who wants to sell customized products, by the user. Whether you are selling T-shirts, cakes, customizing any media such as mobile phone shells, then this plugin will save you many hours of programing with the budget that goes with it. I invite you to discover more about this plugin for generating customized product in WP eCommerce because its use will surprise you for sure.

02 – Halloween Pop-up Card, 2013 WordPress Plugin


We do not forget that Halloween is coming soon and as many of you like to use this time to communicate with users or customers. To take advantage of this moment to generate traffic to your site, what better than using an eCard? This is what you propose to do this WordPress plugin. Animated eCard that also allow you to play music, and of course customize the content and images as the signature logo.

03 – Menufication Extra Content WordPress Plugin 2013


Menus off-canvas-you know? The idea is that when the site goes into responsive on small interface mode, the menu quickly becomes problematic, both in implementation and in its use. To solve this problem, designers have thought to bring up the menu on the left, or outside of the canvas. If my explanations are not very clear, will test this plugin, everything will illuminate once. The off-canvas menu is the future of responsive menu in WordPress. This plugin will allow you to set up a WordPress-off canvas menu with ease.

04 – USERTRACK (Mouse monitoring), 2013 WordPress Plugin


The Heatmap is probably the most valuable tool in the study of behavior of visitors to its website. But the problem is that the tools are expensive. That time is gone with USERTRACK Mouse Monitoring, which allows you to make heatmap of your WordPress site. To do this, all the movements of users are listed by JavaScript. The data is then sent to the server that will be processed by the PHP files, and store information in a database. To all those who raise the question, the script will not slow down your server, even on shared, with the sole condition of not more than 2000 to 3000 records in the database. Here is a plugin that will make a huge added value to any marketing teams.

05 – Simplified Google Maps WordPress Plugin 2013


Tired of WordPress Google Maps difficult to configure plugins? While this WordPress plugin Google Maps will please you. Here, there is no need to configure absolutely nothing. A handy plugin to insert Google Maps in seconds.

06 – WP Auto Albums, 2013 WordPress Plugin


WP Auto Albums is a WordPress plugin that lets you automatically generate image galleries of grid type, and that whatever your number of images to load. The result is a responsive images that will fit perfectly into your WordPress site gallery type. Good to know, this plugin invites you to use FTP to these benefits. If you for using FTP is prohibitive, then you will have to turn to a third party plugin like WP-Filemanager .

07-1001 Icons plugin, WordPress Plugin 2013


1001 Icons offers no less than … 1300 icons at your disposal. Yes, there are more than the title of this WordPress plugin lets suggest. Bet the name recall the 1001 nights. Anyway, this icon pack is the impressive way, giving you a wide choice. Better than a pack of icons for WordPress, this plugin will also allow you to edit these icons to choose the color and the text that accompanies it. Using this plugin goes even further by offering you insert directly with TinyMCE, edit the CSS, or define your URLs with your favorite icons. All, still in the same graphics unit. 1001 Icons is a plugin that offers more than a pack of icons, Icons 1001 is the easiest way to customize your WordPress site daily.

08 – GilidPanel, 2013 WordPress Plugin


GilidPanel is the second plugin you our selection providing the ability to create an off-canvas, convenient for touch interfaces menu. Supporting the standard menu of WordPress, you’ll have nothing to do for that particular plugin works on your site. Transition effects are done in JavaScript will implement all alone on your WordPress site. To complete the customization, you can play with fonts of writing at your disposal, or by choosing the color that best suits your WordPress site will.

09 – GB 2013 WordPress Plugin


Two clicks to create a responsive image gallery, Go the WordPress plugin will raise the bar a little higher. For more than a gallery, Go allow you to manage a portfolio, whether from your own Custom Post type your articles, pages, or anything that you have used. In addition to managing a photo gallery or a portfolio, how you manage as a video gallery? Go is quite capable.

10 – Quick Ajax, WordPress Plugin 2013


This WordPress plugin is a simple WordPress plugin since it also includes a large graphic layer. The purpose of this plugin, be a kind of framework that will allow you to load one of the two default themes and manipulate it to make your WordPress theme. The peculiarity is that the whole site will support HTML5, and will give you many opportunities, like integrating a responsive interface.

11 – Progress Map, 2013 WordPress Plugin


You want to set up a site listing hotels, restaurants, bars, or a website selling real estate, then you will have to a powerful WordPress plugin to allow you to display your list in a map. To do this, we tend to use Google Maps. We will not touch this with custom Progress Map uses Google Maps to display your points of interest on your card, and of course the display on your WordPress site. The unit is easily customizable through the admin interface, and the result will be 100% responsive.

12 – Welcome Tiles, 2013 WordPress Plugin


What we most lack, when it is desired to form a WordPress page, these are the qualities that the programmer task with creative application. Welcome Tiles is a plugin that will help you express your creativity through the building blocks of elements on your pages. Whether blocks testimonials, information authors, highlighting product, images or notifications blocks, this WordPress plugin will help you every day. The icing on the cake, no technical skill is required to use and customize the WordPress plugin setting page.

13 – Pinterest Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin 2013


Pinterest is the social network that does not stop rising. Although growth is slower than Facebook, Pinterest is also a well used by marketing professionals, advertising and image platform that youth quests funs images. Thanks to Pinterest Grid Gallery, it has never been easier to insert a gallery of images from Pinterest.

14 – Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Plugin WordPress Plugin 2013


Whether for internal purposes to your business, or want to share with the world, the foundation of knowledge management are essential to create a space where all the knowledge is accessible. Knowing that WordPress is capable of anything, why would it not be able to manage a knowledge base? This is what we offer this WordPress plugin Knowledge & Wiki. Easy to set up, your WordPress site will become a site of knowledge management, responsive and functional.

15 – WP Nebulus, 2013 WordPress Plugin


Your internet and website creation phase, construction or overhaul. What better way than to use a plugin type Coming soon page on your WordPress installation. There are many WordPress plugins offering to your construction site. But what makes the difference Nebulus is that it offers a modern interface, HTML5 and CSS3, and supports MailChimp and Twitter.

16 – WooCommerce Product Barcode & QR Generator WordPress Plugin 2013


Creating barcode or QR code can quickly become an obligation. This is particularly the case of large e-commerce sites that need to store a lot of goods. When it came time to prepare the customer’s order, using a spray can quickly save you precious minutes and you avoid mistakes packing. WooCommerce not natively generating barcodes, the barcode plugin WooCommerce Product has been created to overcome this flaw.

17 – UberSlider, 2013 WordPress Plugin


In the Uber series, I ask the slider. Regulars world plugins would be entitled to think that behind this WordPress plugin hides the same team as the designers’ d UberMenu . This is not the case, that’s why I felt forced to say. I think here, the team behind UberSlider tried to enjoy a bit of Fame UberMenu. But we can not blame them, UberSlider is also a very good plugin.

18 – Partial Orders WooCommerce, WordPress Plugin 2013


A customer places an order for several items including some out of stock, and there is drama. Rather than wait your client, why not indulge in several times? Believe me, it will save a lot of discontent. To achieve this with the WordPress / WooCommerce site is simple with this plugin. Once this plugin for WooCommerce installed, customers can place orders for items excluding inventories. Each item in the order will result in an order that we can ship, and the original order will be closed once all items shipped. Partial Orders is a very interesting to own its products at risk plugin falling out, and we all want to even put up for sale.

19 – Weather Shortcode Caretta, 2013 WordPress Plugin


There are many cases in which to provide its visitors the weather forecast is essential. Whether for a hotel site, hiking, family outings, movies (why not), set up cards weather forecast on your WordPress site can be more worth it. To make display weather data on your WordPress site, this plugin will do all that is necessary due to the work of Caretta.

20 – 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection, 2013 WordPress Plugin


Finish our selection of the best new WordPress plugins of October 2013 as a plugin allowing you to enhance the security of your WordPress site. Thanks to WordPress plugin security that we offer you, goodbye and farewell crude force attacks risk after hackers to steal your password. I do not know about you, but here two problems solved, which will enable us to be even more reassured. To achieve this, what better than to use a two-phase authentication. The principle is simple. In addition to entering your password, a code will be sent to your mobile phone. Without this code, you can not connect to your website. Here, this plugin uses the features offered by Google. Feel free to use the comments to share with us your favorite plugins.

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