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20 New WordPress Plugins February 2014

The selection of new WordPress plugins of the month, it’s time to discover a little of what is happening in the world of premium plugins for WordPress. It is also the best way to stay connected to innovation. This month of February 2014 is no exception to the rule by offering a selection of 20 new plugins for WordPress. So you can navigate plugins to customize the WordPress administration interface, plugins for WooCommerce, plugins to integrate an off canvas menu to your site, as well as plugins to help you increase conversion on your site WordPress, and more.

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The best form plugin for WordPress?

Gravity Form is the most powerful form that exists in WordPress plugin. Thanks to him, build forms design and functionality without limit. With Gravity Form you can: create a form on a timely restrict user input, implement advanced fields, and even create functions types eCommerce prices changing according to user input.

Gravity Form Test now!

01 – Awesome Admin Color Palettes, New WordPress Plugin 2014

01-Awesome Color Palettes Admin-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Begin our new selection of WordPress plugins for the month of February 2014 by a plugin that will change the way you see the WordPress admin interface. The principle is quite simple, but the result is more visible. Indeed, this plugin offers you to change the darkness of the new WordPress interface by the color palette you choose. Whether from the proposed series, or by leaving the possibility of determining for yourself. This plugin will change both the general color, hover color of menu items, the color of notifications, text menu, or action buttons as published button. With this plugin change color management interface, you can give your administration interface the same color as your site. This may seem like a detail, but for your customers, this type of change is always highly appreciated.

02 – Avatars SVG Generator, New WordPress Plugin 2014

02-SVG Avatars Generator-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Are you fed up of having avatars that do not look like much? If you use Gravatar, it is certainly the case. To remedy this problem, we propose to discover a plugin that will work to create avatars in SVG format. SVG is a vector format. This means that whatever the size of your image, it will always be perfect. The use of SVG is not innocent. In fact, thanks to him, the result will be perfect for all responsive interfaces, and will be perfect on screen retina ready. An advantage of this plugin, in addition to create a custom avatar, is that you will increase your web statistics. How? By ensuring that your users remains longer on your website. They can even download the result in PNG.

03 – URL Extractor, New WordPress Plugin 2014

URL Extractor-03-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Your WordPress site is a review and share articles from other sites? So you are interested in this plugin. The purpose of the latter, so you can extract from another site the content of the latter based on a URL. So beware, this type of plugin can quickly slide into outright copy content from other sites. The purpose is not there. The idea is to make it possible to easily share content. Think of the original author credit.

04 – Shop Assistant for WooCommerce, New WordPress Plugin 2014

04 Shop Assistant for WooCommerce-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

To maximize sales on a eCommerce site, nothing better than a person who can come and help your customers find the products they want. But here, it has a real cost. So rather than letting your customers only deal with your filters, why not offer a search bar called natural? Natural means, the ability to enter a passphrase. For example, I want a gray sweater between 5 € and 15 €. This is what you propose to do this plugin to the plugin WooCommerce eCommerce. A great way to help your customers, without resorting to a full-time person. And your customers easily find your articles, and you’ll be all both happy. The client because he finds what he is looking. And administrator of the site because it will maximize sales.

05 – Awesome Builder, New WordPress Plugin 2014

05-Awesome Builder-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Create complex layouts with WordPress, it is not the easiest to do with the basic installation thing. This WordPress plugin allows you to create an interface that allows you to create complex pages, all using your mouse. Cheers clicked filed! In addition, you can use your widgets easily. What leverage opportunities natively by WordPress.

06 – Media Grid, New WordPress Plugin 2014

06-Media Grid-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Are you fed up that when overflight images it nothing happens? This plugin allows you to create effects overflights unlimited and personalized to the extreme. There are hundreds of different variations thanks to this WordPress plugin. The effects are managed from CSS3, what remain at the forefront of technology. With this plugin, you can create the effects of overflights involving both appearance effects, different colors or color. Now, whenever your users pass the mouse over one of your images, you can be sure they are impressed.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

07 – Cat X, New WordPress Plugin 2014

07 X-Chat-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Give a system snapshot discution with your visitors and future customers is what offers X Chat. With this plugin, once a visitor has a question, he needs to do to open the chat window to ask his question. All administrators will then connected a notification message. It is possible for each of them to answer the questions that arises customers. Better, each director involved in the conversation. If no director is online, no worries. The messages are stored in your database, and administrators will be served if necessary. To enable a high compatibility with most web browsers, this plugin works in Ajax. Thus, it is possible to rotate without the need to adapt your web server.

08 – Indeed Smart PopUp, New WordPress Plugin 2014

Indeed Smart PopUp-08-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Pops up on websites, some will tell you they do not like it, finding the system too intrusive and in addition it may bring down web statistics. Those saying that are most often people who have never tested the system. For proof, we use such a system on the site of our agency. And the least we can say is that our statistics have never worn as well. Whether purely web statistics such as the number of person who logs in, the time and number of page views. And much more, the subscription rate for the newsletter believes dramatically, and the inscriptions on social networks.

09 – WTB Youtube & Vimeo Gallery, New WordPress Plugin 2014

09-WTB Youtube & Vimeo Gallery-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Share a YouTube or Vimeo video, it’s not complicated. But have you ever tried to create a video gallery? There right away, things become much more complex. The idea behind this WordPress plugin is to allow you to create two clicks video galleries from YouTube and Vimeo. First step, we create the gallery by giving it a name. Second step inserts the video links in the gallery also give a name. It will do just insert the generated shortcode where you want. Note that video galleries can be sorted with the mouse. Once your gallery will be visible to your visitors click it and your video will appear in a beautiful modal window.

10 – WordPress Speedo Notify, New WordPress Plugin 2014

10 - WordPress Speedo Notify-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

The purpose of this plugin is quite simple, create a notification area for your messages, destinations of visitors to your site. Most of this plugin is its responsives and its customization possibilities qualities.

11 – Custom Facebook Fan Gate Plugin, New WordPress Plugin 2014

11-Custom Facebook Fan Gate Plugin-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Need to increase the number of fans on your Facebook page? So we’ll have to think about doing through your WordPress site. The idea of ​​this plugin is to create an interface like asking either the entire site or a specific page. With this type of plugin, you will see off your engagement on Facebook. And when I say that you’ll see, you’ll even be able to actually follow your WordPress interface. Indeed, this plugin also creates statistics for you to accurately measure the numbers I like your WordPress site will generate.

12 – Plugin Promotions, New WordPress Plugin 2014

Promotions 12-Plugin-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

As we said earlier, the best way to increase the commitment of your visitors, or promote something, still pop up. Promotions plugin is a WordPress plugin that offers to help you in this process by allowing you to create many pop up as you want, place them where you like, and customize them as you wish.

13 – Ninja Kick Sidebar, New WordPress Plugin 2014

13-Ninja Kick Sidebar-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

The purpose of this plugin is very similar to that of a system of pop-up and yet it is not at all a system of pop-up is expected. This WordPress plugin allows you to create a second sidebar but hidden. Inside it, you can add whatever you want: – an invitation to join your newsletter – a carriage for eCommerce – your links to your social networks – exclusive offers short, everything which will take you through the head. The action will allow the user to see the bar unfold will depend on how you have configured. A click of a button, a link on a page, the overview of an image. As you push the limits of this plugin to your imagination.

14 – WooCommerce Group Pricing, New WordPress Plugin 2014

14-WooCommerce Group Pricing-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

You want to set up a site based on WooCommerce eCommerce and make it accessible to different types of customers. But the problem is that different types of said client, said different prices. And that is not easy with a native installation WooCommerce. The solution will certainly come with this plugin which allows you to create different types and their customers assign different pricing policies.

15 – Rate My Site, New WordPress Plugin 2014

15-Rate My Site-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Rate my site is a WordPress plugin that offers to help you in a difficult task to know what your visitors think of your site. With the ability to define your issues and your scoring system, you will be able to quantify as you wish reviews for your users. In addition, this plugin will allow you to retrieve the text of your review online. What create a page full of good reviews on your site.

16 – WP Gender Bender, New WordPress Plugin 2014

16 - WP Gender Bender-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Here is an original plugin. Are intended, help you convert. How? Upon registration of a person, this plugin will attempt to determine the sex of your visitor to come and serve him a page that will convert better for a man or a woman. This is a particularly attractive idea especially since we know that a man or woman may not be receptive to the same arguments.

17 – Support Center, 2014 New WordPress Plugin

Support Center-17-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

When marketing a theme or a WordPress plugin, you must monitor. Many ticketing solutions exist. But the biggest worry is that the majority do not work directly on your WordPress site, making it more difficult to follow your teams and most complicated submission for your customers. Support Center is a WordPress plugin that attempts to solve this problem by allowing you to create a true media directly from your WordPress site. So your customers can submit their problems directly from your WordPress site to receive notification by email. And your teams can directly access all tickets submitted directly from your WordPress site.

18 – International Virtual Keyboard, New WordPress Plugin 2014

18-International Virtual Keyboard-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

Here is a plugin … rather original. Note that originality does not necessarily mean value. In fact, I have a little trouble understanding what it might actually serve 🙂 Anyway, I’m sure some of you already find this type of solution. After all, it is not for nothing that they say with WordPress there is a plugin for all needs. I think here we have the perfect demonstration. Well, that being said, let’s get a little description of the plugin said 😉 The idea is to create a configurable virtual keyboard on the language you want. In other word, click a form field, and you will see a keyboard in Chinese, Taiwanese, Serbian, Russian … Briefly, the language you selected for this field.

19 – Self Checkout WooCommerce Picker, New WordPress Plugin 2014

19-WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

The conversion funnel is always a difficult time for your customers … and for you. To minimize abandoned carts, all e-retailers are looking for solutions that would help even more customers to go faster, and simplify his life. This plugin is part of this concept. The goal, to ensure that the customer did not even need to fill in the fields on the delivery address. How? Thanks to the GPS! An idea that I find particularly ingenious.

20 – GT Push Menu, New WordPress Plugin 2014

20 - Push Menu GT-new-wordpress-plugin-February-2014

To conclude our selection of new plugins for the month of February 2014, here is a plugin whose primary function is to provide a menu type Off Canvas to your mobile users. I often refer to this type of menu when we are making selections for WordPress themes by saying how this is a solution that has a future. Unfortunately, too little theme natively offers today. With this plugin, you can finally benefit your users a menu type canvas off, even if the designer of your chart there was no thought.

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