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20 New WordPress plugins – February 2013

In our selection of new plugins for WordPress February 2013, we tried to select both plugins with a bright future, as more plugins original to suit users of rare, but let’s be sure they incredibly pleased to discover that yes, there are WordPress plugins to do everything. Whether to store under your Facebook with WordPress, it is to manage your bike, whether to talk golf or whatever to share your stream of social networks, our selection of WordPress plugins will give you exactly what you dream 😉

1 – Social Commerce, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Begin our selection of new plugins for WordPress in February 2013 by a plugin that will delight all those who want to use their WordPress site to the sale by Facebook. In fact, since Facebook requires us to go through the use of iFrames to manage custom pages, which obliges us to rethink our way of working with these pages Facebook. The positive side of iFrames, you allow a great customizing your pages, and thrust interaction with your website. The downside, you need to host these pages with your own care. So frankly, if you already have a website in WordPress why complicate life, especially as we know plugins like Social Commerce, whose purpose is precisely to allow you to share customized pages on Facebook from your WordPress site. Social Commerce is a plugin that allows you to create a shop on Facebook, manageable from your WordPress site. Need to manage two different sites.

2 – Atomic Motorcycle, New WordPress Plugin 2013

I told you in our selection of plugins WordPress plugins there are highly specialized. This is the case here with WP Motorcycles. As you can imagine certainly the goal here is to allow the management of motorcycle. But for what purpose? Allow resellers to small and medium size also benefit from the positive effects of the Web. With this plugin, you will receive a custom input interface allowing you to manage the list of bikes are in sales, for example. This plugin comes with a set of shortcodes and widgets allowing you to provide this content to your visitors. This WordPress plugin also comes with an advanced search feature that allows your customers to find immediately what they want.

3 – ExtraWatch, New WordPress Plugin 2013

ExtraWatch is not quite a new plugin like any other. And because this plugin called JoomlaWatch and was therefore reserved for Joomla . Given its success, and the lack pattant plugin web analytics quality under WordPress JoomlaWatch grown, and is now called ExtraWatch works perfectly in WordPress. Available in French, English, Russian, German and over 42 languages, ExtraWatch you will know everything about your visitors in real time via an interface in HTML5

4 – User Profiles, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Your WordPress site attracts registration numbers users? And if you use a plugin like User Profiles to enjoy the windfall and highlight your community. You can highlight new entrants, view a user’s profile page worthy of a quality site or allow the connection easily.

5 – nForms, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You need to implement quality forms on your site? nForms aims to be your single interface for creating and managing your forms with more than 15 types of custom fields, the ability to create your forms with the click / drop, or to submit your forms in a pop -up. It is even possible to attach documents, multiple documents, without the need for Flash.

6 – ZoomTabs, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Mozilla fire since we converted to the use of tabs, you see them everywhere. And because the tabs are still the most simplest and most effective way to present a lot of content. This plugin tries to fill the lack of management tabs by WordPress. In addition to allowing you to tab as text, images or video, be aware that this plugin will do that by being responsive.

7 – Webcam Image Handler, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Display images from a webcam is not very complicated thing, all is to have a webcam that acts as a remote ftp server, placing the video sequences in the form of images. When has the correct webcam, then it is sufficient simply to install Webcam Image Handler, configure and hop, turns it!

8 – Daily Horoscope, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

I told you this selection of plugins you will find plugins, unexpected and unimaginable! Who would have thought a plugin to give horoscope exist in WordPress? Not me, I must say. If you want to display updated daily horoscope on your site, you know now that you must use plugin.

9 – FX News, New WordPress Plugin 2013

FX News is a plugin that will come dig into your content, whether such ticket page or CPT to present them animated. With its shortcodes, you can insert a gallery where you want animated. Over 6 different styles are available, all customizable whatever the size or number of options.

10 – Auto Spinner, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Been spinning? No, not the business of turning a pen on his finger, but the technique is to take content and reuse it to write another article. In short, do something new with the old. The happy spinning is a technique well known SEOs because it multiplies the initial work, without asking too much work. The idea is to capitalize. This plugin does wonders in English … see in other languages. If you have the above information, do not hesitate to share with comment.

11 – Simp Modal Window, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Modal windows have their apparissions there only a few years, and yet we see more and more on the web, whether to promote a website, social networks, or its newsletter to inform its customers or why not open elements of the site directly into it. Anyway, modal windows are far less aggressive type a window pop-up. Simp Modal is a plugin that allows you to manage modal windows simply, without limitation, by controlling every aspect. Icing on the cake, this plugin is ready to be used in a Multilanguage WordPress . If there is a site that understands the importance offered by this small detail, it’s us 😉

12 – Social Panel, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Make a selection of new plugins for WordPress without a plugin that speaks of social networks, it would be amazing, they are so prégnant today. Social Panel therefore deals with social networks, but its strength is to bring together in one place the entire flow of all your social networks. They will then be presented in a tab using jQuery to make sure animation and dynamic animations.

13 – Pop-up Contact Form, New WordPress Plugin 2013

A contact form can be essential in some WordPress sites. Indeed, it is not uncommon to develop a whole internet site for a single purpose, getting contacts, preferably without the spam. Choose a good plugin contact is essential. Pop-up Contact Form aims to provide you with a contact form accessible from all pages of your WordPress as it will now be at the top or bottom of your site. When you click on the input fields appear coming in a beautiful effect slipped. To avoid spam, this plugin provides contact to pass a little test of math to your visitors. So how do 1 +2?

14 – Responsive Live Preview, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Here is a small plugin that does not pay for mine, but that will quickly prove indispensable for all theme developers, and anyone wanting to easily and often rendering their test site in tablet, smartphone and of course, a larger screen classic. This plugin provides a space in your administration interface where you will see your site, as seen by a smartphone, tablet or screen, without the need to purchase equipment for each test rendering. A simple idea, but will save you tens, if not hundreds of hours of audit, and endless debate with your customers. Here everyone will agree issued, or it passes, it passes or not.

15 – New WordPress Plugin WP Mirror 2013

We can not say enough, do regular backups of your WordPress site, it will save you collapse one morning when you arrive on your site and everything will be gone. WP Mirror will offer you to make a backup of your site to a new genus. Rather than zip files and make them available on an FTP server or above file format ZIP, WP Mirror will create a mirror of your current site. So you have a exact copy of your site functional without need to do.

16 – All in one Social, New WordPress Plugin 2013

The purpose of this plugin is to create more engagement from your readers by putting at their disposal all the elements for sharing among all the social networks you want to make available to your users. This plugin will provide your readers a space, responsive, where it will be possible to follow you.

17 – Atomic Golf Course, New WordPress Plugin 2013

After discovering a plugin to handle motorcycles, discover another plugin highly specialized by the same author. Y’en one who understood that dealing with ultra-niche markets, it will surely come to be a name. Anyway, here it is about a plugin for Golf lovers. This plugin is intended to create pages dedicated to highlighting your favorite golf courses, with a listing, photos, a map geolocation Google maps and of course, the ability to speak all holes this golf course.

18 – RobotPoster, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You are ugly and you want to use RSS feeds to a site to see more, to create a publishing articles on your site? RobotPoster is made for it. So little advice from friends, pay attention to duplicate content, and do not forget to inform the sites in question if the content is freely licensed.

19 – WPeddit, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Like Reddit and you were wondering how to put up a site with the same functionality, but this time using WordPress. Look no further, WPeddit has been done for you.

20 – Easy Upload Renamer, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

To conclude our selection of new plugins for WordPress February 2013, let me tell you a little story for a change. There are less than 10 days, I made a WordPress SEO training . During this training, we specifically talked about the management of images, and the importance of naming files. The obvious point is that it takes some time, and combined with many things to think about, we tend to forget that part. I thought it was very complicated to manage the renaming with WordPress and should therefore absolutely take care of before sending. The gods of the development have heard me because now, a WordPress plugin will allow you to manage your images by renaming all facilities. And the best part is that it will do all this automatically. A huge gain for your SEO, I would not be surprised to know that this plugin a huge success. This plugin allows you to add all your images to the name of your site, to obtain image names understood by the simple ordinary (instead of DSC1254.jpg, you explain filenames as the -best-recipe-for-pork-au-ginger . jpg), you will find your pictures easily. I tell you how this plugin would save you in SEO? 😉

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