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20 Best WordPress Plugins Pro in February 2014

The selection of the best WordPress plugins of the month, it is time to know what was on the rise in the world of premium plugins for WordPress. It is also a great way to know what WordPress users preferred term plugin. In this selection of the best WordPress for the month of February 2014 plugins, we will find plugin page creation, plugins for WordPress menus, plugins Slider Type or plugins for WooCommerce and booking system. Enjoy reading our selection of the best WordPress plugins for the month of February 2014.

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The best form plugin for WordPress?

Gravity Form is the most powerful form that exists in WordPress plugin. Thanks to him, build forms design and functionality without limit. With Gravity Form you can: create a form on a timely restrict user input, implement advanced fields, and even create functions types eCommerce prices changing according to user input. Gravity Form Test now!

01 – Visual Composer, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Visual Composer 01-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Begin our selection of the best WordPress plugins for pro February 2014 a number of downloads. Visual Composer is a plugin that will allow you to create complex layouts and qualities just with your mouse. When we know how complex it can be to create pages layout evolved, we understand immediately why this plugin is placed number one ranking. So this plugin will allow you to manage the creation of page clicked filed designing responsive interfaces, reuse your previous creation, all in a multilingual interface.

02 – Slider Revolution, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Slider Revolution-02-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

If you follow just what happens in the world of pro plugins for WordPress, Slider Revolution is certainly not unknown to you. And because this plugin creation slider is definitely one that is most often integrated into pro WordPress themes. One of the highest quality, allowing you to create responsive slider, be compatible with WPML and WordPress MultiSite. We also like that this plugin allows you to continue working your WordPress SEO because all the content you create will remain readable in the search engines. Since the time that this plugin exists, its creator has already made four major versions, always available without charge for first time buyers.

03 – UberMenu, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

03-UberMenu best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Again, if you follow the news of pro WordPress plugins, UberMenu is a must. With plugin you can manage A to Z menus. Although WordPress has evolved in the right direction for the management of menus, yet nothing is Uber Menu. The latter allows you to embed images in your menus is responsive, you will play on the colors of your menu will offer you the choice of vertical or horizontal menu, not to mention that all this is done in pure CSS. Once installed, UberMenu come in place of the native menu system to give you a perfect fit.

04 – LayerSlider, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

04-LayerSlider best-wordpress-plugin-2014

LayerSlider is also a plugin that allows you to manage super slider. Most of this plugin is to allow you to manage sliders parallax kind. This means that you can easily animate your sliders creating images or text that will appear gradually. This is a great way to turn a static slider by a dynamic without resorting to flash type sliders. With over 200 effects 2D and 3D transitions, there is plenty to do. On the creative side, a dedicated interface allows you to create your sliders in clicked filed to have access to a text editor WYSIWYG type, see a live preview of the result, but also to integrate all fonts Google. And if you want to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, this plugin will allow you to do so.

05 – RoyalSlider, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

05-RoyalSlider best-wordpress-plugin-2014

And yes, the sliders are undoubtedly the most downloaded in the world of pro plugins WordPress plugins. The difference between the two previous RoyalSlider and offer your users a mobile interface that supports touch, while being responsive. This plugin will enable you to create image galleries, video galleries, but also to serve as a dynamic base from Flickr, Instagram or tickets made a.

06 – UserPro, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

06-UserPro best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Need to establish a evolved registering your user interface. So do you spend native WordPress functions to use UserPro. This plugin offers much more than simple registration form. In addition to allowing you to create forms specific registration, your users can also access their profiles on your site, log in with Twitter or Facebook, to manage the details of their profiles. In addition, this plugin will allow you to make autopublications on Twitter or Facebook page for people who registered. It will also offer the possibility of a bridge between your entries and MailChimp, perfect for managing your subscriber lists. You can also implement a badge system for your users.

07 – Justified Image Grid, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

07-Justified Image Grid best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Justified Image Grid is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create a video wall in a few clicks, just the same way as that offered in Google Images. You will not regret the rack system WordPress! In addition to allowing you to create your image galleries from your own images, this plugin can also create from Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Stumbleupon, Tumblr without forgetting

08 – Ninja Popups, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

08-Ninja Popups best-wordpress-plugin-2014

To increase impressively your subscription to your newsletter, or on the pages of your social networks, the system pop up is one of the most radical means. Popups Ninja raises the bar supporting an impressive number of emailing system and social networks. Side of the system of emailing, this plugin supports GetResponse, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, iContact, Direct Mail, Constant Contact, AWeber, Wysija and MyMail. For social networks is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn to be the game. In addition to supported all this plugin will provide you with several design for your pop ups are at the top.

09 – EventOn, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

09-EventOn best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Implement a simple event handling system and effective is the purpose of this WordPress plugin. It allows you to set up an event that highlight a main image system can pay through PayPal, Gmaps add a card, give a title and a date to your events, define colors, and all that, so responsive.

10 – Quform, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

10-Quform best-wordpress-plugin-2014

QuForm is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create advanced forms in seconds, looks to none. Using the clicked filed, you will have access to over 15 different elements to design your forms without the need for HTML or PHP. Fully translatable and compatible with WPML plugin that allows you to create forms for all your visitors. In addition to sending you the content of the forms by email, store it in your database all the forms have been filled out by your visitors to give you access through the administration interface of your WordPress site .

11 – Live Composer, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Live Dial-11-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

The design of complex pages, is one of favorite WordPress plugins pro. Composer Live will offer you the ability to create pages in seconds from your WordPress admin interface and this hunting grounds whatever your current theme .

12 – Social Stream, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Social Stream-12-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

You’re a fan of social networking and worship share your discoveries with your users, then Social Stream is for you. The aim of this theme is to create a wall where all of what you like on social networks find there. In addition, your visitors will be able to reuse your publications for use on their own social network.

13 – MyMail, Best WordPress Plugin 2014


MyMail is a plugin that allows you to spend your site as MailChimp or AWeber managing all of your email campaigns from your own website. So of course, this plugin will allow you to design and send newsletters from your WordPress site. But this is not all. In addition, you can track all of your shipments knowing the opening number, the number of clicks in your mailings, the unsubscribe and bounce rates. In addition, it will provide a tracking system on countries and cities on all criteria monitored.

14 – Booking System PRO, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Booking System PRO-14-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

This plugin plugin will allow you to easily create a reservation system based on your WordPress site, showing your visitors a schedule that will allow them to know the availability of a room, a car or whatever you want to rent . But also to make a reservation at the desired date and time. So whether you want to create a reservation system or lease it to fit you perfectly. Note that this plugin is compatible from version 1.9 to WooCommerce. This will allow you to take advantage of the full feature set of WooCommerce and all the plugins that have been developed for it.

15 – Hide My WP Best WordPress Plugin 2014

15-Hide My WP-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Hide My WP is a security plugin allows you to manage access to your PHP files, protect you 90% more e attacks SQL Injection and XSS cross scripting. Which will effectively also protect you from plugins with security holes. In addition, this plugin will allow you to not hide a lot of information, including the fact that your site uses WordPress, visit the login page inaccessible to those who do not know the correct address, will protect you from attacks such raw strength, hide the theme you use, change the address list plugin.

16 – Go, Best WordPress Plugin 2014


Go is a WordPress plugin whose purpose is to allow you to create stunning portfolios, that is through the CPTs, or your products or WordPress tickets. Quick and easy grip, everything will go directly from the administration interface of your WordPress site.

17 – Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

Table 17-Rate Shipping for WooCommerce best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Compatible with WPML and WooCommerce, this plugin will help you define a pricing policy for your shipments that actually correspond to what it is costing you. Knowing that many eCommerce sites farms due to a policy of product shipments poorly calibrated, we immediately understand the importance of such a plugin. According to various information such as the country of shipment, the weight of articles, volumes or price of carriage, this plugin will prompt you to create different tariff requirement for the shipping.

18 – Interactive World Maps, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

18 - Interactive World Maps best-wordpress-plugin-2014

You want to embed a map on your WordPress site, so take a look at this plugin. It will put maps in SVG format, then the possibility to insert markers. Hundreds of cards will be available. A map of the world by continent, not subcontinent, by country, by region, for the United States, by states and even cities. You will even be possible to define active regions or not?

19 – User Profiles Made Easy, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

19-User Profiles Made Easy-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

This WordPress plugin will serve for enregirstement user profile from your WordPress site, but also to connect. Simple and responsive, this plugin will work with all WordPress themes. You will therefore be possible to do without the native interface of WordPress users and allow you to create custom fields, choosing those who will be required or not. You will even be possible to publish the list of your members, and allow to search.

20 – Media Grid, Best WordPress Plugin 2014

20-Media Grid-best-wordpress-plugin-2014

Conclude our selection of the best WordPress plugins for the month of February 2014 with Media Grid, a plugin that will allow you to create filterable porfolios, with Masonry effect. Whatever the medium used, it will be possible to create a portfolio. Video, images, audio, an all in one.

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