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10 WordPress Templates Recipes

My 12 year old daughter said “Dad, I also want a site. But I speak my site it cooking.” So you can imagine out of the question not to respond positively to this request. Of course, WordPress is the solution that comes immediately to mind, even for a child of 12 years. The point was to find the perfect theme to create a site of recipes in 10 minutes, and most importantly, the administration of the site is … a breeze. At that moment, I realized that I had never made selection of themes for WordPress recipes. Which is a shame as we see the diversity that we proposed. There are WordPress themes for recipes that allow you to get a high quality website with a few clicks. So discover our selection of WordPress themes for recipes. And if you’re interested, learn the recipes of my daughter.

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1 – FoodPress, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

Begin our selection of WordPress themes for recipes by FoodPress a WordPress theme that suits for both culinary blogs at site of recipes to share. Using and customizing the theme’s made simple thanks to the presence of an advanced administrative interface where the site administrator WordPress will no longer have to choose between three different layouts for the page host, or a user of a different widgets.

2 – CookingPress, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

CookinPress is an issue primarily is to share your recipes with the world, whether through the interface at your disposal or whatever by intrasec features of this WordPress theme. In addition to providing an interface to create high-quality recipes, this WordPress theme kitchen is a wealth of functionality. Indeed, this theme is responsive, provides support for microformats hRecipie for perfect visibility in the search engines or the presence of a field of research that evolved to allow your users to search by food eg. CookingPress is a WordPress theme kitchen the most complete and easy to handle. Side customization, this theme does not leave us left with more than 4 different layouts to display your recipes, three layouts for your tickets, and more importantly, the presence of all the files needed to translate your WordPress site, thanks to WPML particular.

3 – Food Recipes, Recipes Kitchen WordPres Template

The purpose of this theme WordPresss? You put water in the mouth. This is a good thing when you’re a WordPress theme is to highlight your recipes right? As is predecessor, this theme is optimized for SEO WordPress through the use of microformats for your site to be better referenced, and even more visible in Google. Thanks to Microformats, your users will search on Google for example a recipe from the ingredients, for example. This WordPress theme does not spare himself for the graphics by offering two different page templates for your recipes, 5 different sliders, 11 custom widgets, plus a plethora of plugins and all PSDs.

4 – Delicious, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

You own a restaurant and want to differentiate yourself from original content in addition to a good design. It is proposed that this template WordPress. History continue to put water in the mouth, it offers your theme to highlight your dishes in speaking of them, indicating their prices and letting your customers speak. Here is an original way to present his restaurant sharing a little revenue. Modern design combined with custom widgets as well designed widgets to show your opening hours or highlight recipes rated. We do not forget all that want to take advantage of a site Multilingual WordPress theme because it is easy to lend. As to maximize SEO, this site gives you access to all relevant tags without having to install additional plugin – although personally, I do not ever happens.

5 – Handmade 2 Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

If you follow a few news WordPress themes, you should definitely know Handmade. In fact, it reminds me of memories because it was one of the first topics we talked about on this site. We talked about it at the time because it was one of the few eCommerce WordPress themes of quality at this time. So much has changed in just one year. With the arrival of WooCommerce, things have changed in the right direction. We have seen the emergence of more and more topics as well have a aesthetic point of view that a functional point of view. Things have reached the point of having to choose from. There was not that long ago that we dreamed. Handmade turns up to date supporting WooCommerce and all of its features. Have a look on the product pages or category pages for products you realize.

6 – FoodMe, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

FoodMe is a theme that radically changes perspective as here, the full page is required. Make a tower on the home page, you will find a full page interface, and therefore responsive. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you will be able to scroll through other content, and other images. You’ll understand that this is a mix between the slider and the full home page. The idea is original, but be careful to specify the process for your visitors otherwise they do not understand much about the operation of your site. To be modern and precursor must take risks. Where you do not take risk is on configuring and customizing this theme. In addition to being available in no less than 20 colors, this theme is also WordPress custom widgets and 30 more than a hundred shortcodes at your disposal.

7 – Delimondo, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

Make no mistake, if this WordPress theme is perfect for a cooking site on seafood, this is only one of the five facets. Indeed, it is a template Delimondo for seafood dishes, but also a theme for pizza, a sweet theme, a template for the recipes of our grandmothers, or an even more general template. With this theme, you can design the site kitchen that suits you best. We can add to this list over 600 handwriting fonts at your disposal, 42 shortcodes, a site 100% HTML5 or using Nivo Slider.

8 – Delicioso, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

Delicioso is a theme that fits a purpose, to help you to design a fully customized website in revenue. To achieve this, this theme is based on a simple design, and functionality information as ingredients in the recipe, or the words of the author, or why not photos related recipes. We also appreciate the built-in bookmark feature to the site that will allow your users connected directly access their favorite recipes.

9 – Forkbite, Template Recipes Kitchen WordPres

Sharing is undoubtedly the best way to develop on the web. In fact, if you share interesting recipes, there is a very high probability that people share your links, whether through social networks, email, and the sites they maintain. After all, it was always a pleasure to find a good meal. I think it will seem obviously, but we share more link to a recipe that to a good restaurant. Already, should be next to the famous restaurant, if the website does not have the slightest interest. If this is the giving me the opportunity to book a day when I déplacerais over there. And yet, it will be listed in the Google, otherwise I would not even know it exists. In short, SEO is the basis for all sites. SEO based content being resumed; talk about your recipes is a good idea. In addition to offering a very good interface to highlight recipes, the theme will also highlight the possibility of ordering. If you sophisticated dishes where the expertise is essential, do not be afraid to share your recipes, few people will get there, and eventually you will come out victorious, both in terms of reputation as presence of your customers.

10 – Cooker Recipes Kitchen WordPres Template

Finish our selection of templates for WordPress by Cooker recipes, a theme that offers to get your small cooking blog a great eCommerce site, all thanks to WooCommerce. This theme responsive ships WooCommerce carrier, the use of Form 7 Contact Tree and Option.

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